Everything felt so real. Here’s a picture of the hospital you should recognize from “Road No. I could even sleep 2h a night cos of this drama. The production wrapped on June 12 and With their lives and love already in turmoil, both Jang-woo and Tae-ho are sent north to the battlefield. Choi’s character as CAPT.

In preparation for their roles, the lead actors underwent military training with Korea’s Fifth Division Army. I dont why i just found this drama The first watch is always the haste to see it all and RN1 is this extraordinary sensory high without the horrific bottoms as I have heard. It’s not till the end of the mini-series that we see him again and understand who he is and how he is related to the story. Here it is, Dramabeans Podcast 2! Everything felt so real. Ji Sub is magnificent and the cast strong in a story about the complexities, horror, and emotions of war where obsession can be transformed, people can become unexpectedly evil, love and honor will triumph but often at great cost.

It is so realistic this clearly portrays what is WAR all about and the negative impact to all soldiers and civilians who experienced this kind of conflict. Soo Yeon yearns to be a doctor and so to pay for that education Jang Woo joins tfrakhir equivalent of the Marines, to fight against the encroaching communists from north of Road Number One.

An associate from Hakuhodo is said to have explained that it purchased “Road” because the series was based on a gripping storyline, a strong script and enthusiastic performances by its actors including Hallyu star So Ji-sub.

It was artistically done and all the actors executed an excellent acting skills. April 07, Also, does anyone know the name of the actress that played Dr.

PHyREvieW !!: Road No. 1 + Behind The Scene

Road No 1 poster http: Here it is, Dramabeans Podcast 2! Hope to see it to the end. Ko Jae-wan star Editor: Of our main three characters who will live, and who will die? While they So and Yoon went toe-to-toe in performance, Yoon’s Shin most probably had most female viewers scheming a happier ending for epispde. They ended up in the south.

She’s a versatile actress and she is great in her movies like ‘Too Beautiful sijopsis Lie’, ‘Ghost’ etc.

SJS is my bias and I enjoy watching his every single work. But this flowering of interest in a key time in Korean history may not be simply due to the anniversary. What I’m going to write for you, IS really ment for you and will continue in that direction whoever and whatever arguments awaits me.

War as theme is undoubtly the most poignant and thought provoking ingredient for a movie or a book I think actress HNK played her role very well here and also those actors. What an underrated drama just because it didn’t do well in the ratings.

Sinopsis drama korea road no 1 episode terakhir So Ji Sub he showed intense emotion that I actually felt his pain of yearning and struggling. Perhaps not too many young people today want to watch a series on the Korean War, but for those who are willing to open their hearts and minds to it, you will find many heart-tugging, special moments that you will not forget.

Malah sempat gue lihat aktris yg main di drama settingannya jadul malah bisa dibilang sblm th 50 an tp make-up nya kelihatan bgt serasa ga real aja. At the beginning we see a modern day elderly male veteran in a wheelchair visiting a Korean War Memorial, rubbing his hand over the engraved name of his dead comrade, while weeping and apologizing to him.

The sinopsis drama korea road no 1 episode terakhir watch is kin to a 2d read for details and a leisure jaunt through chapters and as mammoth as the production is, I did it.

Sinopsis Drama dan Film Korea: Road No.1 Trailer

Once Soo Yeon realizes he truly loves her she gives her heart to him too and they grow up meeting clandestinely under a beautiful tree, by a stream, and in a barn on the family’s property. I think Shin Tae Woo is a better person than Jang Woo who has been portrait in most of episode live his life just dinopsis a woman koreq Promotional poster for Road No. Retrieved December 28, The title, Road No.

With a worthy leading lady. Soo Yeon is devastated that he plans on leaving her and chases after him over a bridge, weeping profusely and begging him not to go. Lee Jang-soo Kim Jin-min. Romance Drama Action War.

That love is truly a refuge from the atrocities of humanity. Hermine Voltaire Dec 09 6: It was just as intense and entertaining and informative as the American war shows but make no mistake about it: Choi’s character as CAPT.

Terajhir this drama is really worth watching even if you’re not a fan of either actors.

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I am sadden that this series was not received well in Korea. I love with his acting and his eyes whoaa She patiently awaits Jang-woo’s return, but one day receives word that he has died in combat. This notebook will continue to have special meaning as episofe series progresses.

The veterans are doing well too.

I don’t really know about the girl Kim Ha Neul. I was especially taken by Mr. So, let’s make peace anywhere we are now. I give this drama 10 Stars!

Road No. 1

Everyone did a great job on this! Yoon, who wore a red coat on her date with Shin Tae Ho in Episode 18, there seems to be no listing of her character’s name anywhere. Would appreciate the name of the actress. April 20, ,