Hong Soo Hyun’s princess who was much more fittingly imperious. I remember thinking in the beginning of the drama – before he went all murderous – that he would be a better ruler than Munjong or his son, objectively speaking. Episode 9 by LollyPip. Anyalyn October 27, at 9: Especially after he put Danjong, Keum Song and the Jiphyunjun scholars to death. And I guess he had put more effort on raising Munjong. He was so awesome!

That threat will have to be neutralized. Open Thread Open Thread by mary. I really wanted to see greater punishment or greater remorse! JB, this is excellent review, as usual. After all, they couldn’t kill the leads. And while Myun did piss me off at the end And, as Seung-yoo tells Se-ryung in the final scene:

But this is much better — meatier and yummier. Your email address will not the princess man episode 2 eng sub gooddrama published.

It wasn’t just the mane, it was the look of world-weariness the princess man episode 2 eng sub gooddrama his face. You can recognize the general outlines of the map through the top layer, giving us a peek at the truth while presenting fiction. Jadielaw June 23, at Despite what I said previously about Myun joining Suyang under duress, in the end it is his choice, no matter how he frames it for his own conscience.

I love TPM, and I agree that it’s one of the best dramas of the year. While it might be ok for Seung Yoo to forgo revenge if only he were hurt, the many victims of the king deserve justice, and I am not so sure that SY should be so willing to forget the past.

I really wanted to see greater punishment or greater remorse! He was so awesome! I think it was because all the characters were so compelling that you couldn’t not care about them. I guess that’s how we knew that the drama would kill him off. The initial meeting between Se-ryung and Seung-yoo is well-crafted, in that it takes a simple circumstance and twists it and weaves it inextricably with the core of the plot: Jong was a lovely character.

This drama definitely deserved to be properly ranted about. And he was so good playing this good character. Also, not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but during the tail end of the drama, I thought it was great to show and focus on the way the female characters rose up to the occasion so fearlessly and courageously – Princess Kyung-hee moving on with the princess man episode 2 eng sub gooddrama with Mi Sul, but without Jong, the Queen finally standing up to the King’s manic ways, and the 2 princesses’ servant girls who stood by them all the way.

One of the addictive elements of the drama is its artful pacing, and the way it manages to keep you on the edge of your seat. She hates the contact and dismounts at the first opportunity, and he finds himself shut even further out because of it. Thanks for the review, JB! One is the speed. I’d have to agree with anais above. the princess man episode 2 eng sub gooddrama

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the princess man episode 2 eng sub gooddrama All in all, this is a drama that delivered on its premise and then some, and probably ranks as one of my top picks of the year. I was initially drawn in simply because of Park Shi Hoo let’s be honestbut there was so much more to this drama than the eye candy.

Much needed in this drama! And thanks for linking to my post! Seryung is interesting because she’s actually based on a rumored daughter of Sejo.

Maybe that’s why I had higher expectations for the ending.

Therefore, he assembles his conspirators with promises of richly rewarding them when he becomes king. Love all the interesting characters in the gisaeng house. And at first, I was like “What? He had the boy declared illegitimate, deposed him and locked him in the Tower of London with his brother, where the epiaode Princes in the Tower later died.

Ergo, join me and kill Seung-yoo. Javabeans, thank you for this review. Horseback riding also offers, or betrays, personal intimacy. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

But things get complicated mighty quickly, and the initial lie about Se-ryung being the princess — made with such silly, light intent — soon spirals far out of control. I haven’t watched many saeguks from what I can remember the last one I the princess man episode 2 eng sub gooddrama completely was Legendso this one is easily my favorite.

She may as well as have been smacking chewing gum loudly the whole time.

I don’t think the drama would have gone so far as to kill off an actual king, even though this part of his life was heavily dramatized. Bellamafia November 24, at 6: No easy feat considering he was played by PSH!

The Princess’ Man Episode 2

That threat will have to be neutralized. As for the ending, I thought it was perfect. Aaaw, now I feel the need for a rewatch! PSH transformation in the series left me stunned. Blue November 25, at I haven’t been up all night, and rushing home from work to catch the next episode of a drama in a looong time.

That part of history can’t be fudged, I’d think, unless the drama intended to present an alternate history. The drama so did not need the princess man episode 2 eng sub gooddrama throw that in, yet it did. I ended up satisfied with his portrayal in the drama, which struck a balance between historical accuracy and the integrity of the drama itself.